What is #SocAuth?

What is Social Authenticity (#SocAuth) and why is it so important for online social media? Simply explained, social authenticity is the act of being true to one's representation in online social environments and presenting a genuine version of yourself, business, community or brand to the world, or to your followers. Our modern society is often plagued by information distortion, and superficiality. The need for social authenticity in online interactions is growing every year due to the ensuing social trust crisis.

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence in online social media, users are experiencing a growing need for trusted interactions, provable authenticity and realness. This is where we see the biggest shift is occurring, while it is important to note AI is playing an increasingly important role in ensuring online social authenticity as well. As the battle lines are drawn between AI for Good vs AI for social manipulation, this is a "war" that AN plans to help our users WIN!

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