User Rewards

User Authenticity Incentives are at the core of AN Network services. We believe that by aligning and directing users towards contributing to a common goal of building online social authenticity and trust - AN is creating a sustainable and rewarding future for users and the AN network.

"ANr" are adjustable user rewards linked to the platform's revenue. As the platform's revenue increases, users receive more monetary value in AN tokens for the points they earn. This direct correlation elevates the value proposition for users and aligns user incentives with the platform's success.

User Token Rewards Amplification:

Users, by contributing to the platform and earning points, not only witness the benefits of a dynamic conversion rate but also experience amplified token rewards when the platform's revenue grows. This mechanism creates a win-win scenario, incentivizing users to actively engage and contribute to the platform's success.

Adaptive and Fair Rewards:

Users enjoy rewards that adapt to market conditions, providing a fair and transparent system that values their contributions at any given point in time.

In section "User Contributions" actions that are rewarded with points are described.

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