AN Neural Network

What is a Neural Network?

A neural network is a machine learning program, or model, that makes decisions in a manner similar to the human brain, by using processes that mimic the way biological neurons work together to identify phenomena, weigh options and arrive at conclusions.

AN Neural Network

AN Neural Network is designed to elevate online social authenticity and trust, in turn helping to create a social fabric woven from verifiable experiences, provable instances, community validation and genuine reviews.

Within AN's multi-layer network applications, users can seamlessly interact, enabling individuals, communities, and businesses to engage in local, regional, and global social feeds across a variety of categories and topics. In today's digital world, where clickbait, bots, trolls, AI-generated ads, and meticulously crafted marketing scripts are used to entice, deceive, and manipulate the public, trust is often elusive and hard to define, let alone reward. With over 40% of internet traffic being generated by bots, the sheer volume of misinformation is staggering. This not only erodes our social integrity and safety but also contaminates our social and mainstream data.

AN Neural Networks stands as a dedicated platform committed to helping our users harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and new technologies to support #SocAuth for online digital environments.

AN Neural Network Supports #SocAuth Globally:

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