ANr and ANp Points

In the dynamic and balanced AN #SocAuth ecosystem, users encounter two distinct types of points, each serving a unique purpose and offering diverse functionalities.

ANr Points:

Earned through Contributions:

Users accrue ANr points by actively participating in selected actions within the app. These actions encompass providing information about personal preferences, interests, ranking content, contributing to reviews, sharing provable experiences, participating in user surveys, community validation, and referring others to join the network.

Distributed Through Rewards:

ANr points serve as a reward mechanism, recognizing and appreciating user contributions. As users accumulate ANr points, they gain the opportunity to convert these points into tangible rewards, contributing to the overall value proposition of the AN ecosystem.

ANp Points:

Purchased for in-app Transactions:

ANp points introduce a transactional dimension to the AN ecosystem. Unlike ANr points earned through contributions, users acquire ANp points through purchase. These points facilitate various transactions within the app, including making payments for premium services, promotional campaigns, initiating airdrops, and providing tips.

Accessible to Web2 Users:

One of the key purposes of ANp points is to enhance accessibility for Web2 users. By allowing the purchase of ANp with FIAT or cryptocurrencies, AN aims to bridge the gap for Web2-Web3 users by offering user-friendly environments for individuals who may not be well-versed in cryptocurrency uses.

ANr points primarily align with rewarding user engagement and genuine contributions, while supporting a vibrant, engaging and active community.

ANp points, on the other hand, cater to the practical transactional needs within the app, enabling users to perform various actions and transactions seamlessly.

In essence, the coexistence of ANr and ANp points creates a well-rounded ecosystem that not only recognizes user contributions but also ensures a smooth and inclusive experience for users with varied preferences and backgrounds.

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