AN vs Competitors

AN plans to elevate online Social Authenticity by helping our users to establish auditable trust based on proven measurable interactions. Through innovative hybrid technologies, AN aims to evolve the digital social landscape by helping users to grow provable social authenticity. Assisting users to establish provable social authenticity, and support genuine reviews, furthering the advancement of online "Social Authenticity" #SocAuth — Globally.

AN offers a uniquely incentivized Social Authenticity platform, utilizing an in-app rewards system and a sustainable rewards model adaptable for rapidly changing market conditions. AN team believes authentic, auditable and transparent user interactions are the corner stones of online Social Authenticity. We place great emphasis on user data sovereignty and offer users the ability to effectively monetize their #SocAuth via content contributions, engagement, provable experiences and verifiable instances in VR & IRL.

Data provided by the user and their interactions within the AN Network play a vital role in establishing a measurable trust metric. In addition, AN uses machine learning pipelines for tracking and discovery of social interactions, directly assisting our user to grow their trust scores and enhance their #SocAuth ranking. AN's innovative approach is poised to revolutionize online interactions, enabling individuals to make informed decisions about peers, services and offerings based on provable social authenticity, and auditable user trust metrics.

What sets AN apart from direct and indirect competitors like Lens Protocol and Farcaster is AN's innovative use of AI, Web3-Web2 technologies providing a first of its kind framework for tracking and measuring user online social authenticity.

Existing Social Media platforms have been slow to adapt to the rise in misinformation partly perhaps due to the challenges of integrating new AI driven techniques and models into long established traditional recommender pipelines. plans to introduce its AI powerhouse solutions, utilizing comprehensive architecture comprised of Neural Networks (NN), Machine Learning (ML), and Large Language Models (LLM) components seamlessly integrated within continuous ML pipelines.

Furthermore, AN leverages its unique tech solutions and familiar social environment presented to users within its easy-to-use mobile application, which runs on an AI driven interactive application layer providing convenient access to the AN platform and its unique Web3-Web2 features & services.

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