Community Validation

AN plans to build the largest global #SocAuth ecosystem, where users can contribute, create, share, grow, earn and have a voice. Community validation plays a vital role in building and elevating social authenticity, supporting healthy interactive and competitive social environments. Peer trust scoring is an important core metric that is applied as one of the key measures to establishing a user's weighted social trust metric (STM) helping users to build provable social authenticity. In addition, AN Network supports a wide range of services that help to enhance and grow community participation, outlined below.

Community Peer to Peer Validation:

AN actively tracks participant interactions and trust scoring at all levels of the network. This ensures that all users have access to valuable peer insights, peer profile trust scoring, and other community validation metrics. Discussion Forums and Channels: AN users can create dedicated discussion forums and channels to provide a platform for community members to engage in meaningful interactions, share insights, and exchange ideas. These interactive spaces encourage knowledge sharing, collaboration, and the building of authentic relationships among AN’s users.

Community Events and Challenges: Regular events, challenges, competitions and leaderboards are a great way to grow active participation within the AN Neural Networks community, offering to AN users the opportunity to showcase their expertise, share experiences, earn additional rewards, support a healthy spirit of collaboration and competition. Such activities enhance community engagement and enthusiasm.

Governance Participation: AN values the input and perspectives of its community. Through decentralized governance mechanisms, community members actively participate in creating an authentic social fabric. Users can propose and vote on suggested improvements, rule changes, and community initiatives, ensuring a democratic and inclusive decision-making process.

Education and Learning: Offering comprehensive #SocAuth guides and tutorials which can be created by AN community contributors. Develop and evolve learning resources on ethical social trust scoring and validation, curated by AN community contributors, rewarding its users to promote creation of educational content.

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