AN DeepNet

  • An advanced neural network with multiple layers of processing units.

  • Each layer is designed to analyze and interpret different aspects of complex data. DeepNet identifies and learns from data patterns.

  • Predicts trust rankings based on user interactions and other user-reward / voluntarily supplied data.

AN Social Graph

  • Establish and model social connections and relationships between users.

  • The Social graph is used to identify, track, and establish unique user relations across the network.

  • Internally these relations are represented by Bipartite indirect graphs of user-to-user relations and stored in Graph Database.

  • Graphs are tracked and analyzed by Neural Networks and Classical Graph algorithms.

AN Post Interact

  • Represent user-to-post interactions (shares, comments, etc.) on a mobile Social App.

AN User Data

  • Includes user-reward / voluntarily supplied profile information about user skills, interests, and expertise levels amongst other things.

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