$AN token supply is fixed at 100 billion, with token generation to occur first on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum networks. $AN token is set to be released to the markets via Public Presale and Initial DEX Offering (IDO). Prior to the public offering, seed round will be open to qualified investors.

The $AN token is deflationary is an BEP20/ERC20 utility asset, incorporating programmable burn mechanics. The $AN token market will be supported with strategic buybacks that are funded with generated revenues and earmarked capital reserves. $AN token offers its holders extensive utility, such as; staking, payments, ads, promotions and rewards.

The $AN token economy is designed to be resilient and highly scalable. AN Networks benefits from its "first mover" advantage in the online #SocAuth market segment. This allows to leverage the extensive obtainable market for online social authenticity services offered by AN Networks, which are sought after by users, advertisers and businesses. Therefore, $AN token can potentially exhibit strong resistance to crypto market volatility, due to size of its obtainable markets and diversity of its potential revenue streams.

AN Token Distribution

Locks and vesting schedules are published in Discord - AN Token Economy information channel. AN Token Registration for Presale/IDO: AN Token Presale/IDO Guide:

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