ID/DID Solutions

AN ID/DID offers an innovative solution for Web2 and Web3 users. Securing our users online identities is a top priority, this means that AN ensures users enjoy protection of personal data and personal identity. AN ID guarantees a secure connection between our network and third-party platforms & social applications for every user at all times. User security and user selected level of privacy are key to everything we do. AN ID fully supports web3 decentralized identity (DID) solutions offered by AN and our partners. AN offers users a secure, and shareable digital identity, which contributes to a user's auditable and provable authenticity, helping to support trusted online social interactions.

Additional Features

Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI): AN ID/DID offers users ownership over their data​ and content created or shared within the AN Network.

Hybrid Technology Backbone: AN is built on an innovative technology infrastructure, using the latest in security technologies for supporting user digital identity and embedded social trust metrics.

Soul-Bound NFT Passport: Users are offered the ability to create unique on chain digital passport which can be linked to the user's AN ID/DID for enhanced identity features, storing public credentials and user on-chain verification.

User data authenticity: AN offers its users a unique proof of authenticity, Social Trust Metric (STM) embedded within the AN ID/DID, providing a convenient and secure way to prove social authenticity in any online digital environment.

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