AN strategies are centered around delivering the value of #SocAuth to individual users and businesses alike. Thanks to the diversity of our revenue streams and premium services, we aim to build sustainable growth while providing a valuable and greatly needed service to our users.

Individual User Subscriptions

One of our primary revenue streams are Premium in-app services, offering users access to exclusive features and benefits. Premium subscribers gain access to enhancing their communication experience within the app, users can opt for premium verified badges signifying high level of trust and authenticity to others. Premium subscribers also enjoy discounts for ads, promotions and Premium channels services. Additionally, with a Premium services users gain the ability to make their profile & blog available to other users as subscriber only content. The premium services package is meticulously developed for users seeking additional tools to elevate social authenticity, grow social trust within communities and improve monetization.

Business User Subscriptions

Business users, including advertisers, creators, projects, communities, and service providers, are a key revenue source for AN. These entities are able to connect with their target audiences and promote their products or services directly in socially authentic environment. By utilizing AN Neural Networks premium features, businesses can reach and engage with users who value related genuine content and authentic interactions on an extensive variety of categories and topics.

Ads and Promotions

Another significant revenue source for AN is in-app advertising and promotions. Advertisers clearly benefit from our targeted advertising solutions to reach their desired target audiences, ensuring that their messages resonate with users who value authentic interactions and trusted content. Ads and promotions are strategically placed throughout the app, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement. By leveraging our platform's trusted network and user base, businesses can effectively reach their target audience and drive authentic user conversions.

Trusted Reviews API

AN plans to offer a trusted reviews API, providing businesses and service providers valuable insights into related user reviews by categories and topics. This service allows third-party applications to integrate with our platform, By utilizing our API, businesses can gain valuable data-driven insights to elevate their decision-making processes and level-up their customer experiences.

Data & Analytics API

AN also plans to generate revenues through user data and analytics services. Our platform will collect and analyze vast amounts of user-generated content and interactions, providing valuable insights into user behavior, preferences, and trends. Businesses can access these authentic data sets and analytics to gain a deeper understanding of their target audiences and auditable social authenticity dynamics.

Community Builder API

AN also plans to introduce an API for businesses and service providers looking to grow socially authentic communities within their native digital online environments. AN plans to offer an extensive range of endpoints for social trust scoring, authenticity ranking and community validation.

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