Use Cases

Web 3 / Web2 Social Media Users:

Social media users looking to interact with authentic profiles and content, share verifiable experiences and provide reviews for services & products in various market categories. Social media users can use AN to discover and explore new opportunities and experiences, that are tailored to their preferences and goals. Users can access personalized and curated suggestions, insights, and challenges, that are generated by AN AI "Powerhouse", based on their data and trust ranking. Users can also explore different segments, categories, topics, and interests, that are offered in the network.

Users can use AN to access and contribute to trusted content, stored and managed by AN Network. Users can use AN to collect and analyze data from various sources, such as wearable devices, activities, identity, interactions, community resources, preferences and interests. Users can also use AN platform to share, create and consume content that is verified and authentic, such as reviews, recommendations, suggestions, and insights. Users can earn rewards and recognition for their data and content contributions, as well as for providing and receiving community feedback and ratings. Users can participate and collaborate in authentic groups, channels, promotions, campaigns and reviews, that are facilitated and secured by AN Network and AN's AI "Powerhouse". Users can use AN Network to interact and transact with other users, advertisers, businesses, and contributors, who have proven their authenticity and credibility through AN. Users can also use AN's network to participate and collaborate in various activities and events, such as challenges, contests, and campaigns, that are organized by AN or by users and communities. Users can earn rewards and recognition for their interactions and participation, as well as for providing and receiving community support and authentic advice.

Businesses / Communities / Advertisers:

AN Network offers transparent #SocAuth environments where businesses, communities and advertisers have proof of authenticity for users, reducing the risk associated with misinformation, bots and fake reviews. Content creators and influencers benefit from a user base that actively engages with trusted content. In addition, AN user's social trust metric (STM) ensures that interactions and engagements are trustful and genuine, providing a more meaningful and authentic connection with audiences. AN enables its users and partners to reach a diverse range of authentic audiences across different segments, categories and topics.

Businesses, communities, and advertisers can use AN Network to create and offer trustful and authentic focus group environments and experiences, that are tailored and curated to the preferences and goals of their audiences. Users can use AN network to offer personalized and customized suggestions, insights, and challenges, that are generated by AN's AI "Powerhouse", based on the interactions and #SocAuth rankings & achievements of their audiences.

Target audiences:

  1. Active internet users who regularly use social media and review platforms.

  2. Users open to new technologies such as blockchain and AI, interested in decentralized platforms and crypto incentives.

  3. Regular online users who rely on reviews and recommendations before engaging or making a decision.

  4. Business, communities and advertisers, looking to grow authentic audiences and trusted participation.

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