Buyback & Burn has designed an innovative Adaptive Buyback Mechanism, purposed to bolster token demand, increase buy-pressure, and enhance overall token value. This adaptive approach not only supports a sustainable token economy but also introduces mechanisms for token burning and redistribution.

Token buybacks are executed directly from the circulating supply. This strategic move increases buy-pressure in the market, further driving token demand and positively influencing token value.

Token Burning:

A portion of Tokens bought through the Adaptive Buyback Mechanism are directed to the zero address, leading to complete burning. This intentional reduction in the token supply contributes to scarcity, positively impacting token value and creating a deflationary effect. The remaining part of a buyback is allocated towards redistribution to users in form of retroactive rewards.

Redistribution for User Rewards:

The adaptive action of the points-to-tokens conversion rate necessitates the acquisition of more tokens to reward users adequately. Excess tokens acquired during this process are bought from circulation, creating a redistribution mechanism. Users benefit from redistribution as it contributes to the overall rewards/incentives system.

To address potential black swan effects and ensure the stability of the ecosystem, team plans to maintain a reserve of both tokens and FIAT. These reserves will be allocated to providing liquidity and mitigating unforeseen market challenges.

Increased Buy-Pressure:

The direct allocation of bought tokens from the circulating supply amplifies buy-pressure in the market, supporting a growth economy where demand outpaces supply.

Complete burning of tokens leads to scarcity, contributing to the deflationary nature of the token. This intentional reduction in supply aims to positively influence token value over time.

Excess tokens acquired during the adaptive points-to-tokens conversion rate are redistributed, benefiting users and enhancing the overall rewards system. This mechanism strengthens user engagement and participation.

Adaptive Buyback Mechanism will help create a sustainable, deflationary, and user-centric token ecosystem. By introducing adaptive processes that contribute to token burning, redistribution, and reserve management, team aims to build a resilient and value-driven token economy for the benefit of its users and the broader community.

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