2023 - 2024

The AN project follows a strategic roadmap, divided into distinct phases to ensure a methodical progression and successful realization of the platform. The journey includes key milestones crucial for the development, deployment, and growth of the AN #SocAuth Network Ecosystem.

In the initial phase (Q2/23-Q3/23), is comprised of intensive research into the online social authenticity scape, accompanied by extensive market research and prototyping to test foundational concepts. Following this, the Design and Build phase (Q3/23 - Q1/24) kick off is initiated, entailing comprehensive design, documentation, and development. Simultaneously, AN initiates marketing campaigns and prepares to deploy the $AN multichain token.

Presale, and IDO phase (Q1/24 - Q2/24) strategically introduces $AN airdrop & presale campaigns on Intract, alongside the launch of Many Faces of AN (MFAN) NFT collection in conjunction with $AN token presale marketing. Subsequently, the Token Distribution and Network Stabilization phase (Q2/24 - Q3/24) unfolds, featuring the Token Generation Event "TGE", $AN token vesting and lockups, paralleled by network stabilization activities, including network and prototype testing.

Testing and Early Access Phase (Q2/24 - Q3/24) is marked by rigorous testing of the AN #SocAuth network & applications, including AI Powerhouse, Neural Network, and Network Scalability testing. Opening the door for early access to the AN testnet for $AN token and MFAN NFT holders.

Beta Release and Public Testnet (Q3/24 - Q4/24) the full introduction of AN's public beta release, offering global accessibility to the public. MVP Beta release includes, AI powerhouse full operation, Neural Network full deployment including cluster-to-cluster data transfer & scalability and the official launch of AN Social Authenticity Network public testnet.

The MVP release phase (Q4/24) culminates with full Public MVP, supplemented by continuous marketing initiatives, user-oriented advertising, and promotions. Further growth and expansion of AN's partner constellation ecosystem and supported in-app partner services continues. Additionally, the introduction of enterprise and advertisers APIs.

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