Token Utility

The AN token offers users utility within the network's ecosystem, supporting a wide range of features to enhance user engagement, incentivize contributions and drive active user participation.

User Authenticity Incentives:

Users are incentivized to build their social authenticity and contribute to elevating #SocAuth across the online social media scape. Users are rewarding within the AN network, for participating in peer scoring, content scoring reviews, and sharing about AN with others.

In-App Payments:

Users are able utilize $AN tokens for in-app payments; premium services, ads, promotions and tips. $AN token to ANp points conversions offer a convenient and user-friendly way to transact within the AN social application. Please reference the link below for more information on ANr and ANp in-app points system.

In-App Promotions and Ads:

AN offers in-app ads and promotions providing users with exciting opportunities to get the word about their offerings, services, products, communities and projects.

Content Contributions and Reviews Rewards:

Contributors on the AN platform, include those who participate or share reviews, experiences, and other types of content. Users receive ANr points as rewards, that can easily be converted to AN tokens or cash in the user in-app wallet.

Multichain Staking:

AN also offers its token holders staking on leading L1 & L2 EVM compatible networks, further enhancing the potential for creation passive income. AN token is designed to support an extensive range of leading EVM compatible blockchain networks thanks to the integration of: Worhmhole multichain services.

Multichain Transactions: AN token will be supported on leading L1 & L2 EVM compatible networks, further providing users interoperability between AN token markets. AN tokenomics are design to support a healthy, sustainable and active token economy with ability to grow unrestricted across a broad range of cryptocurrency markets.

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