User Contributions

Here are some valuable actions that users can perform in AN #SocAuth App that are rewarded with ANr points.

Providing Information:

Users play the most important role by sharing essential details such as name, location, preferences, occupation, professional interests, lifestyle, hobbies, favorite apps, and brands. This information forms the foundation of their user profile, contributing to the authenticity of the AANN community and overall digital space.

Engagement and Interaction:

Users actively engage with content by scoring it using a predetermined set of emoticons. This interactive approach provides valuable feedback, helping shape the community's preferences and contributing to the overall user experience.

Participation in Reviews:

Users contribute by sharing their insights and reviews on various brands and services. These reviews are not only a reflection of personal experiences but also contribute to the collective wisdom of the AANN community. Users are rewarded for their thoughtful contributions.

Verifiable Experiences and Instances:

Sharing real-life experiences, such as visits to restaurants, public venues, applications/platforms, etc., is encouraged. Users provide information that can be verified, including geolocation tracking, proof of participation, and venue visits. This authentic content enhances the richness of the AN network.

Providing More Information:

Users have the opportunity to participate in surveys and offer additional information about their activities. This proactive approach to sharing insights allows users to earn additional points, which can be converted into token rewards, contributing to a rewarding experience.

Communities & Groups:

AN encourages users to create communities, chat groups, or even guilds within the platform. Community builders are recognized and rewarded with additional points, creating a network of diverse and engaged user groups.

Referral Links:

Users can extend the AN #SocAuth proposition by sharing referral links with friends and contacts. Points are awarded based on the number of individuals joining the network using their unique code. This not only expands the community but also recognizes and rewards users for their role in network growth.

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