User Data Sovereignty

User Data Sovereignty is prioritized, placing control firmly in the hands of the user, ensuring data ownership and security.

AN Neural Network technologies are designed to help users elevate social authenticity, manage preferences, interests, social feed content, verifiable user experiences and provable instances shared in the network. In addition, AN (Social Trust Metric) provides auditable user authenticity ranking based based on a weighted trust scoring system.

Trust and User Data Sovereignty are at the core of Web3.

AN recognizes the importance of trust, collaboration, and active participation in creating a dynamic and thriving #SocAuth ecosystem. AN provides a platform where users can contribute, learn, earn, and have a voice. Through dedicated discussion forums, community events, governance, and a focus on education and learning, AN Network supports the #SocAuth culture and active community engagement.

AN plans to host regular events, challenges, and competitions to promote active participation. These activities will offer users the opportunity to showcase their expertise, share experiences, earn additional rewards, and foster a healthy spirit of collaboration and competition. By organizing community events, AN enhances community engagement, enthusiasm, and a sense of belonging.

AN values the input and perspectives of its community members. Through community validation, and direct participation, community members actively take part in shaping the platform's future. Users can propose and vote on suggested improvements, rule changes, and community initiatives, ensuring a democratic and inclusive decision-making process. This approach empowers users to have a direct impact on the platform's direction and supports a sense of belonging.

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