App Services & Features

Record and Share Verified Experiences and Instances: Users can create a record of provable experiences and instances, and easily share related content in posts and social feeds. Capture and Share Content: Users can capture and share instances and experiences by taking photos, videos, connecting wearable and mobility devices, helping to contribute to user's overall trust score and network authenticity ranking.

Genuine Reviews: AN in-app services assist users to unlock their supported device features necessary to facilitate sharing provable content, such as recorded instances and experiences, in turn allowing users to easily create authentic reviews.

Track Visited Locations: The built-in GPS tracker enables users to track their visited locations, creating a personalized map of their journeys.

NFC Sensor Integration: Accessing information is simplified with the option to tap the phone to an NFC sensor, providing a quick and convenient way to gather relevant details, verify IRL instances and more.

Built-In Multi-Asset Wallet: AN introduces a built-in wallet where users earn points for various actions performed within the app. From leaving reviews to engaging with the community, users accumulate points can be converted to fungible AN tokens and other supported currencies.

Trust Ranking and Scoring: Users actively contribute to their Trust Ranking and Scoring by leaving reviews and engaging with the community. As users gain popularity and build trust, they can receive more rewards, and their opinions carry increased weight, enhancing their influence within the network.

Token Rewards: Accumulated ANr points can either be used for various in-app payments, converted to AN tokens or converted to other supported crypto assets, FIAT currencies and withdrawn, offering users unparalleled flexibility for monetization of their ANr points.

In-App Payments: Users are easily able to purchase ANp points that can be used for in-app payments, rewards, drops, tips and more.

Continuous Improvement Through Self-Learning: Every action performed within the AN Social App contributes to the continuous improvement of AI models through self-learning. The technology evolves with each new user, considering a myriad of factors and user interests. This iterative self-learning process inspires trust and ensures that the AN Social App remains at the forefront of providing a dynamic and authentic user experience.

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