Dimensional Analysis

What makes the analysis we carry out at AN groundbreaking is our leverage of the latest Machine Learning technologies, combined with our unique Blau-space dimensional analysis we can track how information is propagated through our social network.

Consider our simplified network diagram below where we radially plot the individuals in blue that are the recipients of information disseminated on our network by an individual or ‘ego’ in red at the center. At AN we can identify ‘Agents’ of this information transmission (Green and Cyan) and assign a weight representing their importance to the flow of information.

Imagine you are marketing a novel product or service. To get the maximum return on your efforts it would be hugely advantageous to know where to target your efforts to get your message out with the maximum reach.

In this dynamic landscape, harnessing the power of sophisticated social graph analysis becomes a game-changer. Armed with the ability to delve into intricate social structures, you possess the means to identify influential agents within these networks. Leveraging cutting-edge algorithms, you can navigate the complexities of social connections and pinpoint key figures who wield significant influence.

By deciphering the intricate web of relationships among individuals, you gain unparalleled insights into the ideal focal points for your marketing efforts. This strategic approach enables you to tailor your message to the specific preferences, interests, and behaviors of your target audience. Identifying and engaging with these influential agents ensures that your product's narrative is not only heard but also amplified through the powerful ripple effect of social connections.

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