Markets & Growth

The social technology market is currently valued at an astounding 730 billion dollars, reflects the profound impact of digital interactions on our daily lives. Within this expansive market, the merging of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Web3 - Web2 technologies to elevate Social Authenticity presents substantial growth and market share opportunities. AN Social Authenticity Network stands at the forefront, uniquely positioned at the convergence of Web2 - Web3, with a mission to redefine social authenticity.

While the current AI technology market in the social tech sector is valued at 33.3 billion dollars, representing 4.56% of the overall market, the potential for growth is substantial. AN sees itself as a catalyst poised to drive the adoption of provable online Social Authenticity and related services within Web2 - Web3 interactive environments.

As the digital landscape evolves, users increasingly seek solutions that simplify and enhance their experiences. By seamlessly integrating AI and Neural Network technologies, AN positions itself as a transformative force, offering auditable social trust, transparency, and provable authenticity. By bridging the gap between AI, Web3 - Web2, AN aims to help its users elevate online social authenticity and focused on contributing significantly to supporting #SocAuth growth globally.

In an era where trust is essential, AN emerges as a game changer, pioneering innovative solutions that address online social authenticity needs for online users, businesses, advertisers, service providers and communities.

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