Solution Statement

AN Social Authenticity Network offers a comprehensive solution to the challenges inherent in current reputation scoring systems and community-based evaluations. AN leverages the power of artificial intelligence, neural networks, and web3-web2 cutting edge technologies, to build the next generation social authenticity platform (AN). AN effectively assists users via familiar digital applications to elevate online social authenticity and trust. AN gathers, evaluates and tracks users' provable experiences, verifiable instances, interactions and trust metrics. Central to our solution is the AN AI Powerhouse, helping our users to build auditable social authenticity, while simply interacting and engaging within the AN Network.

AN evaluates user authenticity, engagement and user content in order to effectively reduce the risk of counterfeit reviews, bots, malicious actors and intentionally skewed data. In addition, AN's trust-based community validation enhances the reliability of information within the network.

AN's introduction of an auditable Social Trust Metric (STM) is the cornerstone of weighted social trust scoring, offering a transparent and provable metric that measures and enhances the trustworthiness of a user's online interactions.

Through our innovation, AN transcends the limitations of existing social trust scoring systems. AN's solution is distinguished by its unique approach to user content verification, tracking user interactions, user profile analytics, community validation, and commitment to provable social authenticity.

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