Vision & Mission


AN team envisions a future where trust and authenticity become the core of all digital interactions. Our goal is to redefine the online social landscape by establishing an intelligent global network where provable social authenticity and auditable trust aren't just ideals, but the very essence of online experiences.

AN Social Authenticity Network sees itself as a pioneer in the rapidly evolving online social authenticity space, addressing the challenges of fake news, manipulative reviews, bots, lack of transparency and the prevalence of misleading content. We deeply believe that the online social fabric should be elevated for and by users.


AN is on a mission to elevate the online social experience by leveraging the latest bleeding edge technologies, and offering users a platform where social trust is auditable, and authenticity is provable.

AN is focused on empowering users across the online social scape, recognizing their authenticity and valuing their contributions. We believe in a system where data is sovereign to the user, safeguarded rather than exploited and where authentic interactions directly benefit our users.

AN's goal is to establish a first-of-its-kind social authenticity network that values and rewards trust, provides users innovative tools necessary to elevate and monetize their social authenticity.

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