AN Interactive

AN Interactive Overview

Content at the Source Proof

  • Media source confirmation of content (photo, video).

  • Example: confirmation of the authorship of photos in media publications (for rewards, authorship links, etc.).

NFT Creators

  • Original content (photo, video, art, text, etc.).

  • Example: sharing the first photos from the scene of significant events.

Contact Proof (QR / NFC)

  • Confirmation of real contact between people.

  • Example 1: confirmation of personal acquaintance, and social contact.

  • Example 2: confirmation of attendance at an event: seminar, meeting. Confirmation of completion of a course or seminar. At the seminar, the presenter can share a QR code on the screen, participants can scan it and confirm the contact (for example, in the blockchain record).

Training Together (+ other activities)

  • Functionality that allows you to find people with common interests.

  • Example: The user can be recommended to a person who also works out and runs nearby and at a similar time.

Training Activity Motivation

  • Increasing activity motivation

  • Example: the user sets a daily activity goal (distance, kilocalories, etc.), and the application monitors their implementation. If the goal is not achieved, then you can recommend to the user people with similar goals to motivate each other and, for example, work out together).

Social Games / Challenges. Eg. “Sleep & Earn Money” / “Run & Earn Money”

  • Competitions are motivation to improve your life.

  • Example: Social game competition to normalize sleep rhythms. To participate, you need a cash contribution, which is sent to a neutral account (for example, a USDT account). Participants must go to bed at a certain time for 30 days and sleep 9 hours to normalize their sleep patterns. Smart devices read the sleep rhythm. Those who comply with the regime for 30 days divide the prize fund among themselves.

  • Example 2: similar, but with other useful and verifiable activities (running, gym, calories burned, etc.)

Green Pick Up & Drive

  • Tracking a repeating route by car and searching for travel companions

  • Example: A user can find travel companions and pay a portion of the travel costs + reduce greenhouse gas emissions per person.

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